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"Interactivity" is a complex concept. It is something like a two-way communication between reader and the book, to enable the user to interact with the hero and participate in the book's development or storyline. Interactivity is more common in electronic devices, but you will find out that it becomes more difficult and yet more interesting when you are dealing with an interactive book.

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In this Story YOU are the HERO...
YOU control the storyline...You will run through difficult challenges to continue. Yoy will need clues, alternative methods, but mostly your brain, to solve riddles, puzzlers, brain teasers... It will be more difficult than you think..." "It will be more dangerous than you think... "CAN YOU GET IT TO THE END?"

The Players who managed to reach the final chapter and solve the last riddle have a chance to win big prizes in every Clue Story's Contest!

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Clue Story
Interactive Detective Novel

29 Riddles - 106 Pages (Kindle edition)

You are the Hero... You will solve the mystery of a crime that took place a few steps from your apartment, an ordinary boring day of your life. You must escape! ...from your risks and your routine's safety that destroys your soul. Will you finally make it…?

The victim is a girl. Your secret desire. What would you sacrifice to save her? You will travel to Crete, Cyprus or wherever needed. You will come face to face with riddles and puzzling events that will force you to change and use your mind to survive. Your answer to the last riddle, will determine the end of the story, but rather to determine whether you have changed enough.


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About the Book

Extrordinary idea. Detective story through riddles.
Difficult as hell, but very interesting.

Sonia S.


About the Book

Nice piece. Looking forward for the next one.
Keep it up!

George B.


About the Book

My score is 7/29. You sould try this book to test your IQ.
No good news about mine!



About the App

Great App. I got stuck in the first 6 chapters but I can not stop reading. Great riddles, some of them very hard. And great contest too.



About the App

I have to admit that I cheated because I've read the book and I remembered most riddles :) Flawless book transformation. Congrats!


cluestoryParis Perakis

Clue Stories' Author

He was born in Athens in 1983...

...He studied Economics at the University of Athens and during these years until today, teaches Mathematics and Economics trying to "pass the torch" to the next generation.

From an early age, he learned piano and worked with music composition. Until adulthood he managed to expand his music experience in five other musical instruments. The "Clue Story" books are mixtures preforms with materials from all of his passions and talents.


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*Clue Story - Quote: "...What a great mistake it is to go for security wasting a large part of your life. What a big misconception to think that happiness will come as soon as you achieve ultimate stability. The last hours of my life since yesterday morning, had anything to offer but security and certainty. But they had a huge dose of happiness. This dose of happiness offers you a hormone called adrenaline. A substance which is self produced by our own body. We do not purchase it, nor do we find it in any of our foods. We have it inside us! But it is a crazy illusion of our lives, we are used to hide it, to keep it under control. I wonder how much life I have wasted to realize this..."